professional experience


Office Management - Freelancer/Contractor

  • Manage your office space for growth 
  • Maintain the office aesthetics
  • Vendor, Catering, Packages, Office supply management & Event coordination
  • Human Resources, Finance & Travel assistance
  • ​Nurturing team wellness, culture & community happiness
  • Receptionist and minor I.T. assistance


  • Assistance in the facilities maintaining of both floors with the O.M.
  • Space rehab assistance 
  • Receptionist Fill-in 1-2 times per day and conference room aesthetics
  • Document management, Inbound and outbound package handling for employees

Black Girls CODE

  • Executed Events while managing vendors, budget, and volunteer staff
  • Organization of BGC office and storage space
  • Personal Assistant to the Founder
  • Volunteer Recruitment and help youth at Hackathons 

Personal Assistant training in Palm Beach, Fl.

Organizing, learned Calyx system for mortgages, trust agreements, correct way to plan a party, and implementing a safe environment for celebrity clients. Also, staffing and money management for homes and businesses.  

Master Trainer

I am trained in sales and construction as a Master Trainer, where I serve as a substitute teacher when I am not keeping the student records and contacting construction companies for placement.  

One last thing about me

I am proficient in G Suites, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Zoom, Airtable, AR/AP, Quickbooks, Expensify, Asana, and Slack. 

I am a scrappy self-starter, a quick learner, and a multi-tasker that loves to add culture and wellness to growing start-ups and create a peaceful work-space. 

professional skills

Office Management


I help manage start-ups that can't afford benefits outside of the in-office perks. Help them find peace of mind by having the ability to hire an Office Manager quickly. 

I am available PT or FT


I execute On-site & Off-site events. Big or small- I can do them all. Abnormal events like transforming a pizza parlor into a Hawaiian Oasis.  No event is too weird for me.


 Making your office easy to function and pretty by organizing your space for your employees' needs 

about me

I have always believed that whatever I think I can do, I know I could do it. When I was 10 years old, I liked the organization and helping others but I thought I would grow up and be a medical examiner like the TV show Quincy. I found out life sometimes that we plan is not the path that God has planned and after a layoff and a celebrity friend telling me I should be a PA, I knew I had found my passion. 

I tell people often to do what you love and the money will come. I love being an Author & and taking care of office spaces of any kind. I mostly now cater to businesses, although I still love the occasional personal PA job like a home organization or a hoarder home makeover, these are still my favorite. 

If you are a growing start-up and need help, please don't hesitate to contact me no job is too small, large, weird or normal to tackle. I also manage office moves, facilitate rehabs and finding a new space for when you have outgrown yours or leaving a shared workspace.